Your Due (Best Guess) Date

pregnancy Oct 08, 2020
Okay, so you have an Estimated Due Date. You mark the date on your calendar. The date almost becomes famous as everyone wants to know about it and you can't help but countdown the days until that date arrives. But, is that magical date when your baby will arrive?

How is the Estimated Due Date calculated?

Let's start with where the estimated due date comes from...
In the early 1800s a German obstetrician by the name of Franz Karl Naegele is credited with the formula:
  • From the first day of your LMP
  • Add seven days
  • Subtract three months
  • Add a year
This formula assumes a 28 day cycle, ovulation on day 14 of that cycle, and a 280 day gestation. While 28 days may be the average length of a cycle, anywhere between 21 - 35 days is still in a normal range. Not every woman will ovulate on day 14, and even if those numbers lined up perfectly, each baby has their own unique gestational timeline for their growth and development.

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